Departure From Cheetah-Web

posted 08/11/2007

After several months at Cheetah-Web and due the Acquisition of the company by Alkaline Creative James Palmer has promptly departed and will no longer have any dealings with Cheetah-Web or Alkaline.

Its a sad day as there are good people who have left Cheetah-Web and that the company had great potential to become a big player for the North East's Creative Digital Agencies.

All is not lost! James Palmer has decided to pick up the baton and ensure Calm Beast becomes an award winning successful company Cheetah-Web should have been. Calm Beast can offer the same services as Cheetah-Web and its parent company combined in shorter time scales and more competitive prices. Calm Beast can do this because of the unique skills base available and the lower overheads for development.

The next few months are going to be very exciting for the growth of Calm Beast as a company with the hope that the future will see important key members of the Calm Beast team joining for profitable project based ventures.

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