Calm Beast is the home of artist/illustrator James Palmer.

Photo of James Palmer, creator of Calm Beast

Calm Beast is dedicated to producing high quality multimedia, graphics, illustration, CG and concept art for a multitude of formats, including Graphical User Interface (GUI) web design. Check out a selection of work by visiting the portfolio section.

Do not hesitate to contact Calm Beast regarding any work related task for small illustrations to long lead time.

What is calm beast?

Calm Beast is the amalgamation of all the creative potential of James Palmer. Calm Beast also includes affiliations with other respective individuals of the industry that can specialise and offer a specialist service. If you are a developer, Animator, Designer, Programmer please feel free to contact Calm Beast for a possible creative or development solution alliance.

Calm Beast is not necessarily a jack of all trades creatively (and master of none) but a good all round creative consultant that can deliver a wide range of services. We feel that we are Great all rounders and offer what we do best which is a creative solution for multimedia end users. Visit our services page for more information on what we offer, or see the summary of services below.

Here is a shortlist of Calm beast’s speciality:


Calm Beast has a keen interest in CG artwork and illustration ranging from pencil sketches of comic book drawings to complex illustrations of scenery using a Wacom tablet.

Graphic Design

Calm Beast's design background is Graphic Design, Newspaper design and Information graphics. We have experience with most mediums ranging from newspaper/magazine design and layout to brochure, stationary and packaging design. Why not visit the portfolio section to view more of our work?

Game Design

Calm Beast has 4 years experience in the computer games industry, specifically in front-end and GUI design. We have a great deal of computer game titles under our belt on PS2, Xbox360, PS3, Wii and PSP. Check out the games portfolio section for more information.

Web Design and Development

Calm Beast has a great deal of experience in designing front-ends for Websites. We also have experience in Art direction and project management for large and small scale media based projects. Calm Beast has a good working relationship with several talented Developers specialising in server side technologies such as ASP.NET, PHP5, MySQL, Apache, and Javascript. These services also include an end user content management solution (CMS) for clients to update their own website content. If you are interested in joining this relationship, please get in touch.

New Media

Calm Beast has experience in web design and multimedia CD-ROM development. Check out our online website portfolio for more information.

End to End solutions

We can offer a more comprehensive end to end solution for any project basis. If you need more than a simple solution, or a mixture of the above please don’t hesitate to contact Calm Beast for a solutions package.

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